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Exercise 1.1
I think one of the reasons I'm interested in stories is the idea that life itself is a story, or at least, that's how humans see life. I feel like stories are everywhere - they're all around us. They surround and penetrate us, they bind the galaxy together. From the story of how the universe was created to the story of life on Earth and especially the story of human history, I see them everywhere. In Social Studies, when we're talking about the First World War, I'm thinking about how it serves both as an allegory on the futility of colonial era warfare as the start of a trilogy ending with the Cold War. 9-11 was like the opening scene of a really intense political drama, prejudice and racism are recurring themes, Napoleon was a complex antihero, even Donald Trump exists to demonstrate the flaws in democracy and the slow pace of paradigm shift regarding people's deeply entrenched worldviews and opinions. I want to create stories so that I can share with people the world the way I see it
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The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone - A Rev-Who-iew
What if we had ideas that could think for themselves? What if, one day, our dreams no longer needed us? When these things occur and are held to be true, the time will be upon us: the time of Angels.

And with that cheery thought, I welcome you to my latest review!
We begin with a single word: RIVEEEEEEER!!!!!
Seriously, this woman is amazing! I mean, the way she so mercilessly mocked the Doctor was fantastic. Brought back pleasant memories of Donna "Molto Bene" Noble :)
Anyway, we then have the wreck of the Byzantium jammed into a temple on the planet Alfava Metraxis. In a rather unrealistic fashion, though. I mean, wouldn't the ship have just blown everything to smithereens? Of course, then the episode would've taken plac
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Let's Kill Hitler - A Rev-Who-iew
So, here's five words to sum up the episode: 
O-kaaayyy... where to begin?
First of all, the Ponds make contact with the Doctor, who still hasn't found Melody. Which simply. Does not. Make sense. I mean, you could see quite plainly during the conversation with Madama Kovarian in A Good Man Goes To War that he suspected Melody was actually the girl in the spacesuit. He knows several points in time and space where that girl was thanks to the events of the two-parter premiere, and he could've looked for sightings of an unusual little girl or a strange astronaut. Actually, tracking the newly-regenerated Melody down in New York would've been a really interesting plot, I think. And now Melody is trying to assassinate the Doctor. The sheer creep factor there is already off the scales, which is of course nothing new, this being the Moffat Dynasty. Plus, it's an excuse to have more Silence, a criminally underused villain (so far) which is
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The Wolverine-sunseeker :iconaprilis420:aprilis420 363 28 Kong vs Godzilla :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 1,767 242 reach . :iconmegatruh:megatruh 1,888 38 ToT - TalF |CH 1| Leap of Faith - Page 9 :iconstarlynxwish:StarLynxWish 264 39 The Rabbit Wrangler :iconlimerry:Limerry 85 37 Beautiful :iconsummer-peaches:Summer-Peaches 30 79 ToT - TalF |CH 1| Leap of Faith - Page 8 :iconstarlynxwish:StarLynxWish 249 28
to wake the dead.
would it be terribly insensitive
for me to say “good morning”
in a cemetery?
the sun lifts up slowly,
and the dead sleep in late,
as usual.
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Giant basal sauropodomorph :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 381 118
The Taste of Winter
    Mara had not realized a gun made a sound before it fired: the queer quiet of a world hushed to stillness by anticipation.
    The explosion that followed ripped a raw hole in the air.
    She gasped, staggering in shock and relief, hearing frayed by the proximity of the blast.
    "That was a warning." Grizzled and afraid, the man before her reloaded the rifle and cocked it again, finger tightening around the trigger once more. "I do not want to do this, but they only started coming when you got here." He gestured with the long rifle barrel. "Go on, get out!"
    Mara scanned the whispering crowd behind him, clutching her arms around her long-gone modesty, white shift and bloomers gleaming in the yellow morning light. The young woman cast a last glance around the town. Blackened rubble on the far side of town marked the graves of a family that had been taken two nights ago. Last night, she had been roused from her bed in the tw
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dead dream :iconyoulakou:youlakou 572 71 ToT - TalF |CH 1| Leap of Faith - Page 6 :iconstarlynxwish:StarLynxWish 180 19
The Weed of Crime
    ”Have we at all got the right head?” Mayor Bungle asked.
Inspector Smartwinter looked at the Lady – now Widow – Whyte-Smith, who sucked on a lip and nodded.
    ”Yes, yes this is my husband's head. But please, now that my Tom is reunited with his body, can't we just get him in a casket already? It's not proper to torment a newly widowed girl my age with the sight of her poor Tom chopped up like that and in real danger of spoiling any moment...!
    ”Alas, Mrs. Whyte-Smith,” Inspector Smartwinter explained as he pulled the tablecloth back over the corpse, “until such time we discover why your late husband's neck is missing, I'm afraid we have not the clues needed to track down his murderer.”
All stood watching the neckless corpse in silence. It was odd to see the Lord Whyte-Smith with his eyes cast down and his chin tucked into his cravat as far as it did, as if he was wondering where the miss
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Bedroom Promise
Mosquito, you have played your final game
If it was you, directly in my ear
an hour before the midnight bell, for shame
I'll have you know, if you should reappear:
for you I'll find my doll-house guillotine
A mini-vampire hunter track you down
to stick your dripping noggin, most obscene
upon the palisade of doll-house town
There's no rest for the wicked, sucker, see
my bloodhound-dogged zeal is no pretence
No Venus flytrap that one needs to be?
Or at your earliest convenience
go find a fire to die in, flying louse
(preferably outside the house)
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 131 81
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